Sonja Solomun

Sonja Solomun is a PhD candidate and Course Lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies at McGill University. She received her MA in Sociology from Queen’s University. Sonja works at the intersection of critical digital media, cultural approaches to software, and science and technology studies. Broadly constituted, she is interested in the social and political implications of new forms of computational media, and the role and impact of algorithms on everyday life. Her dissertation research asks how the algorithmic architecture of social media platforms generate and renew historic forms of classification and control. Sonja is a former Project Manager and Research Associate at Geothink, Canada’s largest SSHRC Partnership Grant on digital democracy, and a co-editor of a volume of Geothink research, Power and Justice: Cities, Citizens and Locational Technology, under contract with UBC Press. As a current Research Fellow at the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill, Sonja works on digital democracy, disinformation and platform governance. Her future research projects explore the politics embedded in machine vision, through cultural histories of Artificial Intelligence and feminist science and technology studies.

You can contact her at sonja.solomun [at] and follow her here


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