Gustavo Haiden de Lacerda

Gustavo Haiden de LacerdaGustavo Haiden de Lacerda is a PhD student in Communication Studies. He holds a master’s degree in Language Studies from the State University of Maringá, Brazil, where he also obtained his BA in Language Studies. Drawing on Queer Theory and psychoanalysis, his doctoral research investigates assemblages of queerness, death, and photography as an analytical device to explore the structuring and de-structuring of visual, political, and affective regimes. At the intersections of media and art, Gustavo’s previous research projects traced the discursive and affective dimensions of digital media through various materials, including online mourning writings, fake news, and memes. His research interests include grief, memory, queerness, media, photography, cinema, and psychoanalysis. A forthcoming book chapter (2024), “Between Silence and Silencing, Stories are Told”, will appear in the Handbook of Queer Death Studies (Routledge).

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