Graduate Programs

Art History and Communication Studies (AHCS) graduate programs are shaped by the cutting-edge research of the department’s world-class faculty. They are further supported by professors and research initiatives within the department and by a range of departments and programs across the university as well as by the vast resources at McGill and in the Montréal and other provincial and national arts and communications communities.

AHCS graduate programs include PhD programs and MA programs in Art History and in Communication Studies as well as options for joint PhD and MA programs in Gender and Women’s Studies through the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF). To date there are no joint graduate programs between Art History and Communication Studies, but students may work across the two areas by taking seminars and working with professors in both areas.

Because we are a small department, admission to our graduate programs is very competitive – we receive over 150 applications per year in both programs (Art History and Communication Studies), and typically offer acceptance to between 10 and 15 of these to the MA and PhD programs combined.

Our priorities for admission are 1) demonstrated excellence (as evidenced by your academic track record and your two letters of reference), 2) scholarly ability (as demonstrated by one academic writing sample), and 3) "fit" with the orientation of our program (as demonstrated by your application’s statement of research interests).

Please see Eligibility and Admissions for more information.


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