Supervision & Progress Tracking


Compared with undergraduate education, graduate education—and beyond—tends to involve long-term and either individual or small-group supervisory relationships that have a special and lasting influence on the careers and lives of supervisees and supervisors. Upon entry into our program, graduate students are assigned a primary academic supervisor. Over time, this relationship may change based on a student’s research topic. McGill provides guidance on many important aspects of supervision.

Progress Tracking

Graduate students meet each fall with their academic supervisor to discuss their progress in the program, which is called progress tracking.

myProgress is an online tool that allows graduate students and their supervisors to track and monitor progress towards their degree.

Letter of Understanding

Doctoral students and their supervisors are required to review and sign the Letter of Understanding outlining supervisory expectations by the end of the student's second year.


myPath is an active network of self-reflection tools and resources to formulate an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to provide PhD students with various resources in strategic goal-setting to help them prepare for post-degree careers.

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