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For Faculty

Commonly used forms

Hiring Students

Student Stipend Authorization Form

PDF icon student_stipend_payment_auth._form.pdf

Academic Casual Timesheet

PDF icon academic_casual_timesheet.pdf

Biographical Information for New Employee (casuals included)

PDF icon biographical_information_for_new_employees.pdf

Casual Research Assistant
Offer Letter Template

File ahcs_loo3_may2019.docx

Hiring International Students/Applying for CDN SIN- Word

Microsoft Office document icon hiring_intl_students_applying_for_cdn_sin.doc

Hiring Casual Student Research Assistants

Office presentation icon hiring_research_assistants.ppt

Personal Data Form

PDF icon personal_data_form.pdf

Direct Deposit Form

PDF icon bank_direct_deposit_form.pdf

AMUSE Membership Form

PDF icon amuse_membership_form.pdf
2017 Canada Tax Form

PDF icon canada_tax_form_2017.pdf

2017 Quebec Tax Form

PDF icon quebec_tax_form_2017.pdf

Miscellaneous Expenses

Travel-quick reference guide

PDF icon travel_quickreferenceguide.pdf

Claimant Signature Form - for guests requesting reimbursement of personal/travel expenses

PDF icon claimant_signature_form.pdf

Most Common Mistakes that will Delay your Refund-Expense Reports

File commonmistakes_expensereports.pptx

Guest Speaker Remuneration Fees – Required Documents

Microsoft Office document icon guestspeakerremunerationfees.doc

How to Request a Reimbursement from the Professional Development Fund

PDF icon how_to_reimburse_prof_dev_fund.pdf

Reimbursement from the Professional Development Fund

PDF icon requestreimbursement_profdevfund.pdf

Applying for Paper Presentation Grants

PDF icon paper_presentation_grant.pdf

Graduate Students

Comprehensive Exam / Dissertation Proposal Form

PDF icon comp_exam_dissertation_proposal_form.pdf

"K" (Incomplete) Form

PDF icon kform.pdf

Supervisor Change Declaration Form

PDF icon supervisor_change_declaration_form.pdf

Letter of Understanding

PDF icon ahcs_letter_of_understanding_2020.pdf


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