Current PhD Students


Jacqueline Atkin (AH)

artistic and medical collaboration; medical photography; neurology (1861-1934); avant-garde portraiture; identity

Kit Chokly (CS) transgender studies; media studies; science and technology studies; platforms; the weird; Internet culture
Madison Clyburn (AH) Early modern book history; sensory studies; material culture; perfume; science and medicine; global art history; performativity; ephemerality
Lindsay Corbett (AH)

Byzantium; ars sacra; decorative arts; portability; cultural exchange; materiality; fragmentation; curatorial studies

Lucile Cordonnier (AH) Temporality; theories of time; fin-de-siècle culture; the Nabis; the decorative
Sadie Couture (CS)

Media history; radio studies; sound studies; feminist science and technology studies; affect theory; cultural studies

Jessica Fontaine (CS)

affect; work; professional wrestling; feminist media studies; cultural studies; Indigenous studies; comic studies

Clinton Glenn (CS)

post-socialism; LGBT rights; queer theory; public protest; Eastern Europe

Gustavo Haiden de Lacerda (CS) Queer theory, psychoanalysis; photography; death; grief; memory
Kirsten Catriona Hawson (CS) misophonia; sound studies; disability; science and technology studies; ethnography; health communication; musicology

Helen Alexandra Hayes (CS)

science and technology studies; tech policy; infrastructure; environment

Adrienne R. Johnson (AH)

African Canadian art; Black Canadian History; Visual culture; Critical and Postcolonial Theory

Rebecca L. Johnson (AH)

14th-16th century architecture of Italy and Croatia; sacred space; microarchitecture; urban development; transcultural exchange; identity

Katelyn Jones (AH)

Victorian visual culture; history of medicine; floriculture; gender and feminist studies; photography; liminal spaces; girlhood

Erika Kindsfather (AH) textiles and fibre arts; material culture; gender and feminist studies; Indigenous and settler colonial art histories; activism; archives; labour history

​Alican Koc (CS)

aesthetics; affect; popular culture; cultural studies; new media

Chanelle Lalonde (AH)

art and ecology; aesthetics; listening; ecocriticism; environmental humanities

Caroline LaPorte-Burns (AH)

early modern marine trade; pearls and mother-of-pearl; Dutch Republic and Indonesia; colonial and anti-colonial practices; labour studies; global art history; decorative arts

Davin Luce (AH)

Chinese art and visual culture; middle period China; the body; medicine in art and manuscript illustrations; emotion studies; religious art

Louis Melançon (CS)

cybersecurity; software vulnerabilities; free and open source software; critical infrastructure; internet studies

jake moore (AH)

art; artists; action; agonism; rematerialization; critical spatial practices; vocality; resonance; listening

Nina Morena (CS)

breast cancer; misinformation; gender studies; social media; new media; health communication

Marcus Prasad (CS) Queer theory; psychoanalysis; film philosophy; temporality; horror
Mehak Sawhney (CS) sound; surveillance; artificial intelligence; South Asia; Global South; media studies; science and technology studies
Roda Siad (CS)

migration; refugees; humanitarianism; science and technology studies; critical data studies

Emily DeKlyen Silbergeld (AH)

Byzantine art; frames and framing; cultural exchange; archaism and anachronism; image and text; diaspora; Byzantium and Venice

Malcolm Sanger (CS)

forestry; political economy; Canada; media history; infrastructure studies; environmental media; energy & environmental humanities; settler colonial studies

Sonja Solomun (CS) Artificial intelligence (AI); environmental justice; platform studies; platform governance; policy
Andy Stuhl (CS)

media studies; sound, cultural production; science and technology studies; digital humanities

Hannah Tollefson (CS)

environmental media; infrastructure studies; energy and environmental humanities; science and technology studies; critical logistics studies; environmental justice; feminist and Marxist materialisms; Indigenous studies; settler colonial studies; climate communication

Liza Tom (CS)

queer theory; South Asian studies; development and policy studies

Ayesha Vemuri (CS)

infrastructure studies; environmental humanities; flooding and climate change; feminist science and technology studies; postcolonial theory: infrastructure studies; environmental humanities; flooding and climate change; feminist science and technology studies; postcolonial theory

Annelies Verellen (AH) Early modern Dutch and Flemish art; women artists; self-portraiture; self-fashioning practices; (self)reflexivity; material culture
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