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Department Contacts

General Information   Arts 155  514-398-2850       ahcs [at]
Professor Matthew C. Hunter Department Chair Arts W-250 (514) 398-4997 matthew.hunter3 [at]
Professor Jenny Burman Graduate Program Director Arts W-270 (514) 398-4936 gpd-ahcs.arts [at]
Professor Angela Vanhaelen Undergraduate Director
for Art History
Arts W-255B 514-398-4929 AHadvisor.ahcs [at]
Professor Will Straw Undergraduate Director
for Communication Studies
Arts W-110 514-398-7667 CSadvisor.ahcs [at]
Caitlin Loney Web/Communications Assistant Arts W-230   caitlin.loney [at]
David Greene AHCS Liaison Librarian Arts W-287   david.greene [at]
AHCS Graduate
Students Association
      ahcs.pgss [at]
AHCS Undergraduate
Students Association
      ahcssamcgill [at]

Undergraduate Student Affairs

Matthew Dupuis Area Manager Arts 120     514-398-1092       matthew.dupuis [at]
Susana Machado Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator Arts 155A 514-398-1828 susana.machado [at]
Cecile Lo Moun Mew Student Affairs Coordinator Arts 155 514-398-2850 cecile.lomounmew [at]

Graduate Student Affairs

Graduate Program Contact       graduate.ahcs [at]
Matthew Dupuis Area Manager Arts 120 514-398-1092       matthew.dupuis [at]
Natasha Klein-Panneton Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator Arts 155B 514-398-4933 graduate.ahcs [at]
Maria Vasile Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator Arts 155C 514-398-6564 maria.vasile [at]

Human Resources and Operations

Parisa Parang Area Manager Arts 105 514-398-6881 parisa.parang [at]
Marie-Louise Chung Administrative Assistant Arts 110 514-398-4171 marie-louise.chung [at]

Margaret Morgan-Adlam
(on leave)

Administrative Coordinator      
Michèle Paquette Administrative Coordinator Arts 110 514-398-6559 michele.paquette3 [at]
Étienne Poirier Administrative Coordinator Arts 110 514-398-2780 etienne.poirier [at]


Amitsu Huang Area Manager Arts 136A 514-398-6560 amitsu.huang [at]
TBD Administrative Coordinator Arts 136 514-398-6885  
Isabella Mottillo Administrative Coordinator Arts 136B 514-398-2212 isabella.mottillo [at]

Finance Service Team (FST)

Meena Mohan Research Finance Administrator SH688, 329 514-398-5113 meena.mohan [at]
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