Art History and Communication Studies Student Association (AHCSSA)

AHCSSA Logo 2022The Art History and Communication Studies Student Association (AHCSSA) aims to work as a liaison between students, professors, and the broader cultural community. The association also looks to function as a resource for department students to facilitate their social and academic well-being.

We hope to create a space that allows students to seek mentorship from established scholars, interact with fellow students, and engage with the art history and communications community here in Montreal. Through interactive, community-oriented events, the AHCSSA hopes to foster a safe and fun learning environment for students throughout the department.

AHCSSA Canvas Journal CoverOur journal, Canvas, offers an opportunity for students to showcase their work within the Art History and Communications department. Canvas selects student papers that best reflect the historical, theoretical, and interdisciplinary study of art, culture, and communication. In the spring, Canvas publishes a collection in its print journal to showcase outstanding scholarship by students within the Art History and Communications department. The journal is funded by AHCSSA and AUS (Arts Undergraduate Society).

Finally, the AHCSSA will establish a relationship between the students and the department. The association will attend departmental meetings and ensure that the department's students are well represented. Additionally, our AHCS Student Representative will serve as a liaison between the association and the student body so we can accurately represent the student's interests in the department.

Who we are:


Emma Gallanti: emma.gallanti [at]

Sophie Han Nguyen: han.nguyen2 [at]

VP Internal:

Marie-Chantal Plouffe: marie-chantal.plouffe [at]

VP External:

Sophie Kraft: sophie.kraft [at]

VP Finance:

Madeline Blake: madeline.blake [at]

VP Events:

Sienna Daniels: sienna.daniels [at]


Lucy Gensler: lucy.gensler [at]

Canvas Rep:

Courtney Squires: courtney.squires [at]

VP Communications:

Bella Steiner: bella.steiner [at]

Where to find us:

Find us on Facebook
Email us at AHCSSAmcgill [at]
Look out for our listserv!
Canvas Journal


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