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Health and Dental Plans

The type of health and dental plan students are enrolled in at McGill is determined by their legal status in Canada.

International students are automatically registered for the International Health Insurance (IHI) plan upon registration at McGill. Their health plan is administered by McGill University through the International Student Services. Please note that the IHI plan does not include a dental plan.  For dental coverage, international students are automatically enrolled in the SSMU Dental plan.

Canadian students are automatically enrolled in supplemental health and dental insurance. The student plan is unique in that it helps fill the gaps left by provincial health care. Canadian non-residents who are not eligible for provincial coverage have the option of enrolling in McGill’s International Student Health Insurance Plan.

Plan your health and dental care

Plan your Health and dental care:

All Canadian undergraduate students are automatically included in a supplemental health and dental plan administered by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) or the Macdonald Campus Students’ Society (MCSS). For more information, refer to  

Canadian students from other provinces: You should check with your provincial Medicare office to learn about the conditions of your health coverage while studying in Quebec.

Recent permanent residents: You may not be eligible for provincial health insurance coverage, or you may have to wait three months after your arrival to qualify. If this is the case, you can enroll in the International Health Insurance Plan offered through International Student Services. For more information, visit their website.

Non-resident Canadians: If you are a Canadian citizen who has been living outside the country and have no insurance coverage, you can also enroll in the group plan offered through International Student Services. Click here for details. 

If you choose to opt into the International Health Insurance Plan, do not forget to opt out of the SSMU Supplemental Health Plan by visiting

All international students need to refer to International Student Services for information on mandatory health insurance.

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