All newly admitted undergraduate students beginning their studies in the Winter 2021 Term are encouraged to attend January Orientation.

'Discover McGill' will take place on Monday, January 4, 2021.

How to accept your offer

Let us know you're coming before the deadline given in your letter of acceptance. 

Your official letter of acceptance can be found on Minerva. To consult your letter and verify your deadline, login to your Minerva account (Applicant Menu > Applicant Status) select your application and click on the PDF link next to your decision. This is your official letter of acceptance (you will not receive a hard copy by mail) - you may print copies for your files and you can also use printed copies for your Study Permit and CAQ applications.

How to accept your offer on Minerva

1) Login to your Minerva account (Applicant Menu > Applicant Status) select the application and click the "Accept this offer" link.

2) Pay the $400 (non-refundable) deposit by credit card (amount of the deposit may vary depending on your program).

If you do not respond by the deadline, your place may be given to the next person on the waiting list – so be sure to confirm and register on time! If you run into problems while trying to confirm or register, don’t worry – just contact Service Point for assistance. (Music students, email Music Admissions).

We know that cost is an important part of your decision to accept an offer of admission.  We encourage you to plan your finances and apply for financial aid before you accept.  You have 60 days following the date you received your offer of admission to apply for financial aid, but apply as early as possible to get the information you will need to make a well-informed decision.

“I’ve been admitted to one of my program choices, but am still waiting for a decision on another program.  Should I accept now?”

If you are decided on McGill, you can accept your first offer now.  Accepting your first offer will not influence the review of your other program choices. If you are later admitted to a second program and you wish to accept that offer, you must contact Service Point to request a change.

"Can I defer my offer of admission?"

We are able to grant a limited number of undergraduate program deferrals each year. If you wish to defer your admission to a later date, you must submit a Request for Deferral webform by no later than July 31, 2020. Conditions pertaining to deferrals are included in the webform.

For additional information you may contact the Office of the Deferral Coordinator by emailing deferral [at] Please note that in order to formally request a deferral, you must complete and submit the webform.

GRADUATE STUDENTS: deferral requests should be submitted directly via uApply. For any issues, questions or concerns, you are advised to contact your Department.

Should you be granted a deferral and have requested a room in a McGill residence , you are asked to contact the Residence Admissions Office by email at housing.residences [at] to inform them about the dates of your deferral. For more information on residence and deferrals see:

In most cases, McGill scholarships can be deferred along with the deferral of admission (carried forward to when studies begin.) Nonetheless, you are advised to let the Scholarships Office know if you are granted a deferral. Please note that students are not permitted to apply for any other McGill scholarships while on a deferral. Consult:

If you decide not to attend McGill after you have registered for courses, you must:

If you withdraw on or before the deadlines outlined at, your registration will be removed from your student record. If you withdraw and do not request a deferral, but later change your mind and decide you would like to attend McGill, you will have to reapply for the next available admission cycle.

If you withdraw after the deadlines outlined at, your student record and your transcript will indicate your registration and withdrawal from McGill. You must then reapply to your faculty student affairs office if you wish to be readmitted for the Winter or subsequent terms. Check with your faculty for details about readmission procedures and deadlines.

Fee implications: Regardless of whether or not you actually register, request deferral of admission, or withdraw, your deposit is non-refundable. You may be subject to further fees depending on your date of withdrawal. Please refer to the eCalendar for more information.

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