Deferring or declining your offer

Please note that Graduate students are required to submit their requests via Slate or to contact their respective departments directly. The information posted below pertains solely to the Undergraduate level.

In order to be considered for a deferral, you must have accepted your offer of admission and paid the deposit. Note that current students are required to contact their faculties as this service is solely for newly-admitted students. Newly-admitted students who wish to request an admission deferral must submit the designated web form no later than August 31 (for a Fall term admission) and December 31 (for a Winter term admission).

For further information, consult the Deferred Admission section of the eCalendar.

Should you be granted a deferral and have requested a room in a McGill residence , you are asked to contact the Residence Admissions Office by email at housing.residences [at] to inform them about the dates of your deferral. For more information on residence and deferrals see:

In most cases, McGill scholarships can be deferred along with the deferral of admission (carried forward to when studies begin.) Nonetheless, you are advised to let the Scholarships Office know if you are granted a deferral. Please note that students are not permitted to apply for any other McGill scholarships while on a deferral. Consult:

If you decide not to attend McGill after you have registered for courses, you must:

If you withdraw on or before the deadlines outlined at, your registration will be removed from your student record. If you withdraw and do not request a deferral, but later change your mind and decide you would like to attend McGill, you will have to reapply for the next available admission cycle.

If you withdraw after the deadlines outlined at, your student record and your transcript will indicate your registration and withdrawal from McGill. You must then reapply to your faculty student affairs office if you wish to be readmitted for the Winter or subsequent terms. Check with your faculty for details about readmission procedures and deadlines.

Fee implications: Regardless of whether or not you actually register, request deferral of admission, or withdraw, your deposit is non-refundable. You may be subject to further fees depending on your date of withdrawal. Please refer to the eCalendar for more information.

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