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Fellowships and awards

Deadlines for submission


Deadline for student applications to be sent to GPS (and/or updated on GPS-FAD) from Department

Convocation Prizes TBA
Dissertation Awards varies (early Fall & Winter)
Master's CGS (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) December 1, 2014 8:00 PM EST
NSERC Doctoral October 15, 2014
PBEEE (Québec Merit Fellowships) More than one important date. Please click PBEEE link for all important dates.
SSHRC Doctoral November 6, 2014
Sumner February 16, 2015
Trudeau Foundation Scholarships October 15, 2014
Vanier October 2, 2014
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship September 8, 2014

Award eligibility

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* The Government of Canada provides a description of the types of research these fields include.

How McGill calculates the last two years of full-time study

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Award processing

For additional information regarding award processing please visit the Student Funding website.

Forms for successful applications

Fund opening forms, award certification forms, progress report forms, and all other documents pertaining to successful applications can be found at Accepting, activating and maintaining awards.


Please visit General Guide to Running Competitions for the general review, recommendation, and submission process at the departmental level for the following awards:  SSHRC, NSERC, Vanier, PBEEE, Trudeau Foundation Scholarships, and Dissertation Awards (CAGS-UMI, CGS-UMI, ADESAQ, NSERC Doctoral Prize).