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Delegation of Signing Authority and Approvals

There are several policies/regulations which document when it is appropriate for a Fund Financial Manager (FFM), Principal Investigator (PI), or Unit Head to delegate their signing authority and/or approval authority:


For Tri-Agency grants (NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC, CRC), please note the following:

  • Delegates may not be implemented for “administrative convenience”.
  • Delegates must not be administrative staff.
    • PIs may delegate signing authority on expenses when necessary to a co-investigator or a member of their research staff, such as a lab manager or research associate.
    • Administrative staff should not be designated as signing delegates, as they are not sufficiently familiar and/or involved in the research to authorize expenses on the grant holder’s behalf.

As stipulated by the Tri-Agency, the grantee is responsible for authorizing expenditures from his/her grant account in accordance with the Agency's requirements and conditions of grants and with the institution's policies. No other party may initiate or authorize expenditures from an Agency's grant account without the grantee's written delegated authority.


The associated forms/Minerva menu option which should be used to delegate such authority are:

More information about Approvals - Approvers, Electronic Approvals, Signing Authority, and Approval Paths for "finance" transactions is available in the Knowledge Base.


Read the following Memorandum & Announcements:

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