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Complete listing of forms available below:

System Access Forms Travel Related Forms FOAPAL Related Forms Other Forms
FIS Authorization - Minerva & Banner American Express (AMEX) Corporate Card Application Form Request a new Activity code (online) Naming a Delegate in an Acting Capacity as Unit Head during Temporary Absences
FIS Data Warehouse request Minerva menu option “Delegate Temporary Signing Authority” - see our Knowledge Base article for more information. To name a delegate in an acting capacity as Unit Head, use this form. Request a new Location/MMP Shipping Address(online) Merchant Questionnaire
JE16 Authorization Request for new Fund (online)
(including donations)
Payment Request form
Reviewer Authorization for Expense Reimbursements (Minerva) Uniglobe/Vision 2000/House of Travel Authorization - available on the Travel Services (Procurement Services) website. Letter of Guarantee PCard (Procurement Card) Application
Access to Banfeed Visitor Claimant Signature form   Request for AR client (online)
Banner AR (Accounts Receivable) Authorization     Request for Invoice (online)
      Wire Transfer Request

System Access Forms

FIS Authorization - Minerva Finance (Fund) Administration Menu, Banner Finance Module, Query access to Funds/Org

Requests access to the Financial Information System on Banner INB or Minerva. Fund Holders may use this form to authorize query access  to their funds - grant others access to view transaction details and balances, including salary details. This form may also be used to request Banner access to process financial transactions. Before requesting FIS authorization, users are required to take training.

Read our Knowledge Base article for more information on the pre-requisites and registering for courses.

Online Form

FIS Data Warehouse request

Requests access to run the web and crystal reports found in the Reporting section of our website. The data warehouse can only be used for querying (not updating) and is only available to those with Banner userids and authorization to use one or more of the Banner systems. The warehouse is updated daily from the Banner database.

Online form - ICS site

JE16 Authorization

Provides a FIS user with access to process inter-fund journals (JE16 authority). Inter-fund journals are used for expense or fund transfers between different fund codes. Before requesting JE16 authorization, users are required to take training.

Read our Knowledge Base article for more information on the pre-requisites and registering for courses.

Form - JE16 authorization [.pdf]

Reviewer Authorization for Expense Reimbursements

Allows a user (other than the requestor or the responsible McGill employee) to review assigned Expense Reports and to complete them by adding FOAPAL information. A tool developed by Financial Services in an effort to facilitate the internal procedures within individual Units. Financial Services will not enforce its use; rather, it is up to each Unit to decide whether to adopt this option and, if so, communicate the procedural requirement to its users. Form - Reviewer authorization [.pdf]

Access to Banfeed

Used to request a financial transaction feed to Banner Finance General Ledger (the University’s accounting ledger) and/or to Banner Finance Sub Ledgers:  Student Accounts Receivable, Finance Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable. A separate request must be completed for each type of feed. Form - Access to Banfeed [.doc]

Requests access to the Accounts Receivable module in Banner. Form - Banner AR authorization [.pdf]

Travel Related Forms

American Express (AMEX) Corporate Card Application Form

University selected charge card assigned to authorized individuals who are likely to incur travel or other related expenses in the course of carrying out University business.
For full details on policy and procedures, consult the American Express (AMEX) Corporate Card Policy.
Form - AMEX application [.pdf]

Visitor Claimant Signature form

Used to obtain the claimant signature of visitors to McGill University who have departed prior to their request for reimbursement being processed via the Advances and Expense Reports menu in Minerva. This form may not be used to obtain a claimant signature of a McGill employee or McGill student. Along with the original receipts, this form must be signed and attached to the official printed Expense Report. Form - Visitor Claimant Signature [.pdf]

Letter of Guarantee

Used for a Unit to authorize a temporary over-expenditure. The form must be signed by the Unit Head and must specify the following information:

  • A funding source to be used as collateral;
  • The amount of the guarantee, normally not exceeding 20% of the expected grant renewal;
  • A time limit not exceeding 60 days following the anticipated renewal date, or receipts date of award notification.
Letter of Guarantee - Research Funds [pdf]
Letter of Gurantee - Other Funds (non research) [.pdf]

Other forms

Naming a Delegate in an Acting Capacity as Unit Head during Temporary Absences

Used for Vice-Principals, Deans, Directors, or Chairs to name delegates in an acting capacity as Unit Head during temporary absences (e.g. business travel, vacation, etc.). More information about delegation may be found on our Delegation of Signing Authority and Approvals page. Form - Naming a Delegate in an Acting Capacity as Unit Head during Temporary Absences [.pdf]

Payment Request Form

Used to request special payments that cannot be processed via payroll, personal reimbursement (Expense Reports), Procurement Card or Purchase Requisition. Examples include refunds and hospital payments. See Payment Request Policy and Guidelines for details. Form - Payment Request [.pdf]

PCard (Procurement Card) Application

University selected credit card assigned to authorize Cardholders in order to allow purchasing of goods and services. Limited to "Business Use Only" and may not be used for items of a personal nature, for travel and entertainment related expenses, and certain prohibited card transactions. Policies and procedures are available on the Procurement Services website | [Information Sheet .PDF] How to apply for a PCard
(link to PS website)

Wire Transfer Request

Used to process invoice payments by wire transfer for purchase orders (P0) or payment requests and to process accountable advances and expense reimbursements by wire transfer. For P0s and payment requests, the original invoice along with this form must be submitted to Accounts Payable. For advances and expense reports, the original request along with this form must be submitted to Travel Services. Form - Wire Transfer Request (AP) [.pdf]