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Finance Information System (FIS) Application/Authorization Form

This form is used to:

  • Request FIS access for NEW users
  • Modify FIS access for EXISTING users  (i.e. additional responsibilities, departmental transfers)

This form should only be submitted once the access requirements have been met:

  • The Applicant must have an ACTIVE McGill ID
  • The Applicant must have completed the pre-requisite training:
    • BANNER & Minerva access: GEN 300, FIS 301, FIS 330
    • Minerva access only: FIS 301
    • Information about training pre-requisites and FAQs is available in our Knowledge Base article.


When you click on the Next Page button, you will see an an error message displayed in a yellow box: "There was a problem with your form submission. Please wait x seconds and try again." This is a security feature of the form. Please wait the number of seconds indicated in the message before clicking again on the Next Page button OR scroll down to to the bottom of the page and Sign In to access the form immediately.