Aldo Bensadoun

A gift to shape the world of retail

On behalf of the Bensadoun Family Foundation, Mr. Aldo Bensadoun has stepped forward with a visionary gift of $25 million to McGill University to create the Bensadoun School of Retail Management – an interdisciplinary school for research and training in all areas of the retail industry.

Desautels Faculty of Management

MBA Next 50 Progress

Our new MBA & Masters building will be named for Professor Donald E. Armstrong, PhD’54 (1925-2011).

McGill X-1 Accelerator Team

John Dobson Foundation donates $2 million to support entrepreneurship at McGill

McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management

Our integrated management approach facilitates cross-disciplinary and holistic learning, research, and practice of management, while integrating social, environmental, health, and economic values.

Our teaching and research are also highly connected to the corporate world and the practice of management. We also offer executive development seminars, training, and consulting for individuals and companies around the world. No wonder our students and alumni are a favourite among global employers.


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Desautels Montreal Guide

Montreal Guide 2017 - 2018

Hot off the press! The new Desautels Montreal Guide is designed to help people new to the city get settled in and feel at home. Learn about some quick facts and must-do’s, landmarks and museums, and much more. Explore the city with us and learn what makes Montreal so unique.

Henry Mintzberg

Sustainability Literacy Test

McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management, KEDGE Business School & PRME have announced a new test module based on Desautels Professor Henry Mintzberg 's 2015 book, Rebalancing Society. The module examines the plural sector & the role it could play in bringing about a better future.

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