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McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics (MCCHE)

  • Panel at 2012 Roadmap Development Workshop in New Delhi (Paths of Convergence for Agriculture, Health and Wealth)

  • 2012 Roadmap Development Workshop in Bellagio, Italy

  • 2013 Pan-American Conference on Obesity (PACO) III in Aruba

  • Brain-to-Society (BtS) 2010 Roadmap Workshop

  • Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus discusses vision of social business

Formerly known as the McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence (MWP), the MCCHE is a world-leader in promoting integrative and interdisciplinary solutions to diet-and lifestyle-related global health challenges. This approach seeks to control and prevent health problems, such as obesity and under-nutrition, in ways that stimulate economic growth, by enabling innovation and transformation in diet and lifestyle, as well as in agriculture, food and health value chains, markets and systems.

Through a “Brain to Society”(BtS)/“Whole of Society” (WoS) approach, the MCCHE stimulates new collaborations that bridge the many divides in the market, economy, and society that are at the root of our most pressing modern health and economic problems. Through these collaborations, the MCCHE drives innovation and policy development in science, technology, business, agriculture, and health systems and generates focused and outcome-based projects, creating better health for everyone.

The ultimate objective of the MCCHE is to generate health-promoting social and business changes. To do so, the MCCHE:

  • Collaborates on research and education programs and knowledge-to-action activities.
  • Transforms individual and community diets, lifestyles, markets, and health systems.
  • Trains all levels of graduate students.


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