4 block image: thilo Hofmann presenting, block 2: Thilo Hofmann, John R. Dutcher, Gregory V. Lowry at a table answer audience questions, block 3: male audience member asking question block4: image of the classroom where the presentation was held with audience listening to the presentation

TISED Newsletter 

Nanotechnology in Sustainable Plant Agriculture: Exploring safe Pathways from the Laboratory to the Field

With a growing population set to reach 10 billion by 2050, agricultural production will increase significantly. New nano-enabled agrochemicals and technologies could promote sustainable intensification of agriculture. Risks to humans and the environment linked to nanotechnology in agriculture, however, need to be carefully evaluated. This seminar aimed to address how nano-enable plant agriculture could help resolve the grand challenges we face in food production. The workshop identified needs and safe pathways from the laboratory to the field. The goal was to engage in a dialogue on nanotechnology's safe deployment in plant agriculture, including public opinion and policy.

This seminar was organized by Thilo Hofmann, University of Vienna, as a part of his work as a Scholar in Residence at TISED, McGill University.

Discussion based on the paper: Nano-enabled agriculture (nature.com)

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