4 images- first Professor George R. Brown presenting in front of screen with his powerpoint, 2nd image: Subhasis Ghoshal at podium speaking, image 3: a female student in the crowd asking a question, image 4: image of Pedro J. Alvarez, George R. Brown, Subhasis Ghoshal

TISED Newsletter 

Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for Water Treatment and Reuse: Targeting Emerging Contaminants

This workshop focused on emerging opportunities and sustainable approaches to applying advanced materials for water treatment and reuse. The group discussed research priorities to overcome potential technological and economic barriers associated with the development and application of ENM and other advanced materials. The session explored multidisciplinary collaborations and industrial/governmental partnerships to enable cost-effective removal of recalcitrant contaminants of emerging concern in a manner that minimizes chemical and energy use as well as waste production.

Presented by: Pedro J. Alvarez - Scholar-in-Residence, TISED

George R. Brown Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering Director, NSF ERC on Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment

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