TISED Newsletter 

The 21st century is demanding a lot from our planet, and we believe it’s time for our planet to demand more from us. Science and technology is a foundation of our society, and it is vital to provide green solutions to be implemented by current and future generations. We see great feats of engineering everywhere we look, from the buildings that shape our skylines, to mass transit that make our commutes quick and hassle free; however, at the current rate our environment won’t be able to keep pace with global development. This is why TISED is reforming the nature of how we build, use, and move through our world by training the next generation of engineers to perform high quality research, and supporting already established researchers in their sustainability projects.

In order to connect thousands of students, researchers, innovators and inventors in all disciplines, we provide them with an interdisciplinary platform to do better for our world. We strive to lead discussions today, thereby creating solutions of tomorrow around developing technology with increased efficiency in energy and manufacturing, to developing sustainable transit and aviation, and encouraging radical green-design in architecture and city planning. Discovering eco-technology and practices is part of what we do but we are also actively engaging the public on a sustainable fact-based environmental vision by hosting an annual symposium and by publishing white papers.

We strive to become a hub of green innovation and a centre of excellence both locally in Montréal, Québec, and worldwide. By integrating an environmentally conscious approach into all areas of study and teaching at McGill, we are mentoring future engineers, designers, architects, and city planners to strive for a sustainable planet.




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