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Ram Panda Scholar

Fiona YaoyaoProf. Yaoyao Fiona Zhao 


The Faculty Scholar position significantly contributes to advancing exploratory and highly innovative research in sustainability within the teaching and research programs initiated by TISED. This encompasses both funding doctoral student research in engineering and design and active engagement in outreach, research, and policy initiatives with the institute.

Professor Zhao, currently serving as the Panda Scholar, directs her research focus to the broader design and manufacturing domain. Her comprehensive approach involves exploring innovative design methodologies, applying manufacturing informatics for Industry 4.0 support, sustainable product development, and integrating artificial intelligence tools for cognitive Manufacturing. Her research program is structured around three interconnected themes:

  1. Sustainable Manufacturing aims to develop sustainability analysis methods and material databases while establishing information and process models.
  2. Additive Manufacturing explores new design approaches, materials, and tools to optimize the technology's potential.
  3. Industry 4.0 investigates and adapts artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for design and manufacturing applications, aiming to elevate intelligent Manufacturing to the next level.

In her role as the Panda Scholar, Dr. Zhao specializes in design and Manufacturing, making significant contributions to innovative design approaches, effective numerical simulation methods for additive manufacturing processes, exploration of manufacturing informatics, promotion of sustainable product development, and advancement of intelligent Manufacturing.

The Panda Faculty Scholar in Sustainable Engineering and Design award, established through an endowed gift from alumna Ram Panda (M.Eng. '71, MBA '77) to the Faculty of Engineering, stands as a testament to her commitment to recognizing, encouraging, and catalyzing research activities within the Faculty of Engineering in the field of sustainable engineering and design.


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