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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022-2023

Annual Report 2021-2022

giant gear with a leaf in center with forest in the background and red flag that has annual report May 1, 2021  - April 30, 2022 and mcgill engineering and tised logo

Annual Report 2020-2021

close up of a lens of glasses and through the lens you see trees green background and red marker that reads Annual Report 2020-2021 with mcgill and tised logo

Annual Report 2019-2020

mcgill arts building path with trees along the street with annual report written 2029-2020 and the tISED llogo

Annual Report 2018-2019

mcgill university- Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design- annual report 2018- 2019

Annual Report 2017-2018

front cover annual report 2017-2018

Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report 2015-2016

front cover of report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2014-2015

front cover report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2013-2014

front cover of report 2013-2014

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