image of Dr. Jeffrey Bergthorson

Dr.  Jeffrey Bergthorson - Metal Fuels. We research. You benefit

Listen to TISED’s Associate Director Dr. Jeffrey Bergthorson's interview with the European Space Agency. 

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McGill researchers awarded $1.5 million in NRC collaborative funding 

The federal government’s largest research organization awards 19 projects at McGill. Included in the awards are 3 TISED members projects: Prof. Jeffrey Bergthorson, Prof. Sylvain Coulombe, & Prof. Sasha Omanovic.

headshot of: Laxmi Sushama, Mary Kang, Viviane Yargeau, Theodora Vardouli, Jan Kopyscinski,Melanie Tetreault-Friend

CFI invest $9.3 million in McGill research 

Thirty-eight McGill research projects, and six TISED members, have received federal grants through the CFI's John R. Evans Leaders Fund, which will provide them with state-of-the-art research infrastructure needed to foster innovation. 

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Could Montreal's wastewater track the next wave of Covid-19? 

Listen to TISED Member Dominic Frigon's interview on the Dr. Joe Show. Professor Frigon discusses his joint research with Professor Sarah Dorner, École Polytechnique, on using wastewater to track the next wave of Covid 1-19.

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McGill researchers receive over $5 million to explore new directions in research 

Twenty-one McGill research projects were funded by the New Frontiers in Research Fund 2019 Exploration Grants to explore, take risks, and lead non-traditional research. Including TISED members Prof. Susan Gaskin, Prof. Dan Nicolau & Prof. David Wachsmuth

headshot of michael e. Mann

Michael E. Mann: Lessons from a pandemic: Solutions for the climate crisis

An interview with climate scientist Michael Mann on speaker of the Trottier Symposium on Sustainable Engineering, Energy, and Design. 

headshot of Naomi Oreskes

Naomi Oreskes on the science of climate change and COVID-19 

In advance of the Trottier Symposium on SED, McGill Reporter speaks to speaker Dr Naomi Oreskes, geologist and science historian.

image of Mehrdad Mahoutian, and Chris Stern, with one of their cement-free, carbon-negative concrete blocks.

Clean Concrete Technology Ready For Ramp-Up

Carbicrete to launch large-scale production of carbon-negative blocks, developed at McGill. 

Portrait of Thomas Szkopek

Future Ready: The Graphene Innovators

McGill's Thomas Szkopek has fostered a research environment at McGill focused on finding the most innovative uses for a wonder material.

image of a maple leaf shaped bottle with maple syrup within

Could maple syrup extract help cut the use of antibiotics?

Watch TISED Members Prof. Nathalie Tufenkji describe how maple syrup can be used with antibiotics

image overlooking Montreal

How will the pandemic reshape Montreal? A look at 2021's challenges

TISED's own Nicholas Luka shares his view on the lasting impact of the pandemic in Montreal

image of race track with road and stands on the sidelines

Victory lap for McGill Formula Electric

McGill winners of Formula SAE Electric 2019 describes how they Won the finish line. 

image of a cup of tea with a teabag within it and a plant leaf on the side

Some Plastic with your Tea?

Read how TISED member Prof. Nathalie Tufenkji unveils the amount of microplastic in your tea. 

image of highway with multiple cars driving in traffic

Clean fleet vehicles. Made by great partnerships.

TISED member Benoit Boulet describes his work to "build cost-effective systems powerful enough to drive big electric vehicles"

Image of artic with ice sheet and unveiled dirt and green mountain in the backgroud

Abrupt Shifts In Arctic Climate Projected

Trottier Chair Prof. Laxmi Sushama describes the changes that could arise from Artic permafrost degrading. 

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