3 part picture: 1st student Keena trowell in lab , 2nd male students running test in lab, 3rd Elena corella in lab with experiment

TISED's main research activities include:

  • Three Faculty Scholar Awards support sustainability in engineering and design research and provide funding to Ph.D. students
  • The Research Workshop program supports research and policy-related outreach and publications
  • The Scholar-in-Residence program and visiting professorships bring in prominent scholars from outside McGill and foster collaboration.
  • The Trottier Chair in Sustainability in Engineering and Design drives research leadership at TISED and the Faculty of Engineering.

TISED works partly to benefit McGill professors, graduate and undergraduate students alike, enabling positive change in the world. Funding for TISED includes an Endowed Chair, a Scholars-in-Residence program, administrative support for teaching and research projects, Faculty Scholar Awards to attract and retain outstanding junior professors, master's and doctoral fellowships, "Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering" (SURE) awards, and support for undergraduate student competitions and design projects.

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