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Research Workshop Program (RWP)


We facilitate seminars and workshops related to sustainability in engineering and design with the goal of catalyzing interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research and advancing policies for sustainable development. The Research Workshop Program (RWP) promotes collaborations for cutting-edge advances in technology and design as well as policy frameworks and interventions for sustainability. The RWP has three distinct activities, including a public seminar, researcher meetings, and a publication or research funding proposal, on an interdisciplinary topic related to sustainability in engineering and design. To be effective in integrating these seminars and workshops with research and education in the Faculty of Engineering, TISED invites members to apply for this program and make use of our support.

Format and Deliverables

The RWP has three distinct activities:

(i) a large public seminar;

(ii) research meetings between external experts and core researchers to advance particular research questions; 

(iii) the development of a policy publication and/or a research proposal submitted for external funding directly related workshop theme within six (6) months of the workshop.

The RWP lead named in the proposal ensures that the focused discussions between targeted external and McGill researchers during the workshop support development of timely publication and/or a research funding proposal. Preference is given to proposals that are clearly policy-related. Proposals should clearly indicate how the seminars and publication/proposal are related to analysis or development or implementation of policies for sustainable development through engineering and design.

Workshops should be held during the Fall or Winter semesters.​

RWP's must be aligned with one of these target areas: (a) Sustainable infrastructure & urban development; (b) Renewable energy & energy efficiency; (c) Sustainable industrial processes & manufacturing; and (d) Climate change adaptation and resilience. 

Logistical support for organization of the public seminar will be available through TISED. Up to $5,000 of the award amount may be used in your budget towards student or staff support for organizing the event, and towards publication expenses. The remaining funds are to be used towards the seminar event, travel and accommodation expenses for speakers and participants in research meetings.

Selection Process 

  1. Members interested in the RWP can submit an application form (see Important Documents below) to tised [at] mcgill.ca
  2. Applications can be submitted at any time but are reviewed three times per year by an evaluation committee consisting of five TISED members (including the TISED Director or Associate Director)
  3. The evaluation committee evaluates submissions received by the time they meet, usually towards to beginning of each semester.
  4. TISED will notify applicants of the evaluations committee's decision and provide support in the logistical organization of the RWP should the applicant be successful


Important Documents



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