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a hand holding a tree on a green background

Innovative Solutions for Planetary Health: Seed Grants for interdisciplinary research

30 December 2019

The biggest environment-related burdens to global health are often observed in developing countries. Poorer regions and communities tend to suffer most from the health impacts of unsustainable growth and development due to the combination of the environmental factors with other aspects of the social and physical environment.

overview of a dam with water on either side

A Vision to integrate interdisciplinary research on climate modelling

1 May 2017

The endowed TISED Chair in Sustainable Engineering and Design has a critical role in advancing the goals and objectives of TISED through leadership in research, teaching and outreach. 

flames displayed from methane, iron, aluminum, boron/aluminum, zirconium

Fundamentals of metal combustion both on-ground (laboratory) and in microgravity conditions. 

Prof. Bergthorson is leading an international research effort around the concept of metals as sustainable carbon-free fuels, with the support of the European and Canadian Space Agencies.

energy streaks on dark background

Model-free approaches for distributed low-carbon energy system control and planning

11 February 2021

In this work, the focus is on the optimal real-time operation and planning of electric grids with high shares of distributed energy resources—e.g., rooftop solar generation, energy storage, controllable demand, etc. 

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