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TISED's mission is to produce innovative engineering and design solutions and intellectual capacity that enables us to protect and nurture Earth and its inhabitants to meet the needs of current and future generations.

TISED operates under four themes

woman working on equipment in factorySustainable Industrial Processes & Manufacturing

Aimed at minimizing natural resources and energy consumption, and reducing or eliminating the generation of waste and pollution in industrial operations. This includes research on manufacturing and industry, materials and nanotechnology, energy and water with particular emphasis on prospective or consequential life cycle assessments of products and processes, development of new materials, products and/or production systems that lead to significant reductions in societal energy use, resource use, and environmental impacts.

field of wind turbinesRenewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Focused on the generation of low/no-carbon energy generation and its distribution; storage and carrier systems; energy technology assessment and systems analysis for sustainable energy supply and use; and multi-scale analysis of energy-efficient urban and industrial systems. This includes research in the areas of energy, water, materials and nanotechnology.


image cartoon- buildings made of leavesSustainable Infrastructure & Urban Development

Investigates how infrastructure, such as buildings, public spaces, roads, bridges, transportation vehicles, water supply, waste disposal and other systems help cities function in a resilient manner with minimal adverse environmental impacts and resource depletion. Research areas includes transportation, urban planning, urban infrastructure and water.


a plant stem coming from a soiled ground Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

Engineering and design are an essential part of a multi-faceted response to climate change, which includes increasing our resiliency in the face of extreme weather, changing our water management practices, or adapting our cities and infrastructure to an unpredictable future. We must identify robust strategies for responding to climate change through adaptation, reorganization, and evolution, so that our socio-ecological systems not only survive, but thrive.

    TISED's Goals

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    • To catalyze interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research that provides solutions to local and global sustainability challenges. 

    • To inform and advance policies in support of governments, industry, and other organizations, to advance development, particularly as relating to engineered and designed systems.

    • To educate current and future generations of engineers, urban planners, and architects to be leaders in sustainability in their professions.

    • To create and participate in forums for sustainability through inspired critical thinking and action by engaging the university community, decision-makers, and the public.
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