4 block image: first image- Joel Pederson at podium, image 2- a male member of the audience asking a question to the panel, image 3-  distant image of the event room view of podium and panel in front of the screen, image 4- robert tanguay answering a question

TISED Newsletter 

Sustainable Development of Emerging Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

Climate change has stimulated research on the development of nanomaterials for clean energy technologies. The sustainability of such technologies requires that net benefits accrue to society across material lifecycles. The seminar examined approaches to guide the development of nanomaterials for clean energy along a sustainable pathway. 

The Seminar was organized by Dr. Joel Pedersen, University of Wisconsin, as a part of his work as a Scholar-in-Residence at TISED, McGill University.

Paper: Dr. Joel Pedersen on similar subject


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