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TISED Newsletter 

TISED and Pollution Probe seek to support and enhance the CMP (Chemicals Management Plan ) related to nanomaterials by elevating understanding and awareness of the subject matter among pivotal groups and key stakeholders. By building a shared knowledge base and shared understanding of the priority issues, the government and stakeholders can coordinate efforts to advance the safe and responsible development and use of nanomaterials within Canada and complement activities with its international partners.

It is important to note that TISED and Pollution Probe recognize that continuous innovation in nanomaterials science and engineering that drive commercialization can generate real social benefits. Thus, our interest is in developing a strategic approach that balances the needs to address risk and innovation in a context of uncertainty.

What were the objectives of this event?

TISED and Pollution Probe convened an advisory group to help set practical goals and design the consultation. Three key objectives were:

  1. Engage experts and stakeholders in high-level knowledge-sharing and dialogue that educates and builds the capacity of participants to understand and productively engage in human health issues relating to nanomaterials;
  2. Identify and characterize an initial list of priority issues that should be addressed (e.g., research, international collaboration, precautionary measures, public communications, educational content); and
  3. Catalyze critical movement towards the next steps to address identified priorities.

Accordingly, the session had knowledge-sharing and capacity-building themes.

Day 1: Issue identification and prioritization

Day 2. Create an informed dialogue that is spurred and animated by our guest speakers' information and perspectives, who are globally recognized experts in the field.


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