SP0256: Macdonald Campus Tree Planting Initiative

Status: APPROVED August 2020 - 


Plant 200 trees at Macdonald Campus in honour of McGill Bicentennial between Fall 2020-Fall 2021.


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The goal of the project is to plant 200 trees at Macdonald Campus in honour of McGill's Bicentennial. There are three planned phases: Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Fall 2021.

Our project team members have identified that approximately 25 'planting staff' would need to be recruited from FMTP 097 and PLNT 312 students, the campus care team, as well as a the need for a general call for faculty/staff/student volunteers. Locations for planting have been identified and are in the process of being approved. A list of potential native species of trees and shrubs have also been identified.

This project would provide teaching opportunities for at least 4 courses: FMT4 005, FMTP 097, PLNT 312 and PLNT 358. There have been previously planting initiatives at Mac Campus, but this would address many 'neglected' areas on campus, and there would also be the opportunity to coincide this project with creating better pedestrian/cycling access through campus. The McGill Master Plan aims to increase pedestrian experience through better campus connectivity. Planting initiatives would complement this project and help create a welcoming space for student, staff, and faculty. There could also be an opportunity for the team building activity between the Downtown and Macdonald campus communities, to bridge the gap between the two campuses.

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Three female students dig a hole to plant a tree on Mac campus Students pose near newly planted seedlings on Mac campus on an overcast fall day.

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