SP0103: McGill Waste Project

Status: COMPLETED Spring - September 2013

The McGill Waste Project is a student group that deals with how waste management works on campus by creating informational tools for use by the members of the McGill community. They work to provide opportunities for coordination of relationships between staff and students and produce reports and multimedia which outline the flows, inputs, outputs and throughputs from waste audit data. Their working groups meets to integrate results of research into plans for projects on campus, such as ASR.

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McGill's community of 40 000+ individuals produces mountains of waste each day – anything from food packaging, to chemical waste, to animal carcasses. This waste is disposed of through a multitude of different systems, all of which ensure that you never have to see the waste that you produce.

Following in the footsteps if the McGill Energy Project and the McGill Food Systems Project, the McGill Waste Project's overall goal is to  perform a systematic analysis of waste on campus. This analysis provides a "big picture" understanding of how waste management works on campus, building relationships, gathering information, conducting interviews and learning from expertise in order to paint a systematic picture.

With the information on hand and audit complete, the project group concerns themselves with going beyond what exists today, and looking towards what kind of systems, projects or tools can be used to improve waste management on campus for tomorrow.

Resources from the SPF are being used to provide stipends for direct project labour to conduct the waste systems audit, as well as design and support for their website.

The McGill Waste Project aims to bring much needed visibility to the issue of waste at McGill; researching waste systems and raising awareness through videos and infographics.  They also create applied student research opportunities through partnerships with staff and faculty, to create new solutions for waste sustainability on campus.

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The McGill Waste Project


christian.elliott2 [at] mail.mcgill.ca (Christian Morin Elliott) (Project Leader)

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