SP0064: Wood Shredder

Status: COMPLETED Spring 2012

With the help of the Sustainability Projects Fund a Leaves/branches shredder was purchased for campus usage. The shredded materials are for campus use and to become part of the inputs for compost production in Big Hanna

Compost needs a carbon source which is currently purchased but could be partially replaced with this shredded material. Less organic materials would leave Campus Grounds for a dump site and/or recycling facility. Shredded material could also serve as mulch for the many gardens the University has. Michal Bonar and David Morris from Gorilla Composting would find it useful to get shredded material as a carbon source. 

For further information conerning this project, or to get in touch with its members, please contact the krista.houser [at] mcgill.ca (SPF Administration Team).

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