Sign the Charter for Investing to Address Climate Change

If your institution is interested in signing the Charter “Investing to Address Climate Change”, please fill the form below. A member of the McGill Office of Sustainability will get in touch to validate the information. Please make sure you have the appropriate level of authority to commit your institution to adhere to the Charter.

By signing the Charter, your University commits to the following:

  1. Adopt a responsible investing framework to guide investment decision-making, in line with recognized standards such as the UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investment (UN-PRI). Such a framework should:
    • a. Incorporate ESG factors into investment management practices
    • b. Encourage active engagement with companies to foster disclosure of ESG (including climate) related risks, and adoption of operational practices that reduce carbon emissions and foster ESG-positive behaviour more broadly
  2. Regularly measure the carbon intensity of our investment portfolios, and set meaningful targets for their reduction over time
  3. Evaluate progress towards these objectives on a regular basis, and share the results of such assessments publicly
  4. Ensure that the performance evaluation of our investment managers takes into account their success in achieving such objectives, alongside the other criteria for assessing their performance
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