SP0248: Dairy Cow Pasture Project Phase 2

Status: COMPLETE March 2020 - January 2021

The objective is to follow up on the Dairy Cow Pasture project by planting new wind breaks and implementing a simple irrigation system to increase productivity of drought prone pastures.

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This project is a follow up to the Dairy Cow Pasture project. The Dairy Cow Pasture Project Phase 2 will plant 339 new trees and 896 bushes to provide windbreaks to increase snow retention in fields to reduce winter kill of forage plants. This will also assist in carbon sequestration, and further enhance habitat for birds, insects and other wildlife. There are two areas of the pasture that are prone to drought, so a simple, portable irrigation system is proposed to increase forage yields (as well as carbon sequestration). This will extend the amount of time cattle can be on pasture, and will also irrigate the young trees to assure their establishment.

This project will help McGill University to fulfill the objective of carbon neutrality by 2040 by increasing carbon sequestration from fields and pastures. Also, it meets the requirement for the MAPAQ Prime Vert program by creating better habitat for insects and birds. Finally, the irrigation systems for pastures B and C will improve the
productivity of these fields. The more grass we produce, the more carbon we capture. It will also allow for a higher stocking density for livestock.

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