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Have your say about affordable housing

Dean of Students

The two largest student societies at McGill (SSMU and PGSS) are currently working to better understand housing needs for students – they have partnered with UTILE (a non-profit in Montreal, dedicated to promoting and developing student co-ops), and are keen to have as large a sample size as possible. If you have a few minutes on this long weekend, and want a break from studying, please consider answering the survey, found here. Study hard, stay well.

Feedback: Revising the Student Code of Conduct

Dean of Students

Students’ responsibilities, whether around plagiarism, cheating or non-Academic offences such as theft or assault, are governed by the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures, a policy which is overseen by the Office of the Dean of Students. The “Code” is being revised, in part to modernize language, update some procedural sections, but also to ensure it aligns with our Policy Against Sexual Violence. Since September 2017 I have been chairing a workgroup to revise the Code, and as part of the process, we are seeking input from our community, including students. I want to take this opportunity to ask if you have feedback about the current Code (e.g., articles you would like to see changed, procedural concerns, or perhaps just around clarity of language), you can submit your comments here. More consultations will come, so please stay tuned. But for now, have your say! Ensuring students are involved with our policy revisions is so important – thanks for taking the time to help.

Taking a break

Dean of Students

Reading week is upon us, and I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a relaxing week. I realize that many of you still have a lot of work to do this week, but if you are in Montreal for the break, I might suggest you get away from McGill and perhaps check out the butterflies at the Botanical Gardens, visit the incredible Montreal Museum of Fine Art, or maybe grab a nature-fix out at the Morgan Arboretum. Or, just read a good book, binge on Netflix, and catch up on some sleep (that’s my plan!). Whatever you do, enjoy the break. Stay well.

Café Collab for International Students

Dean of Students

Café Collab (campus dialogues stream) is collaborative project between the Office of the Dean of Students and SEDE. It’s a methodology by which our community can come together to discuss shared issues, and to share ideas, in way that is fully facilitated, and mediated through art and creativity. I’m pleased to announce that we have an upcoming Café Collab which will be about visioning by international students: we would like to invite international students and student groups to connect with peers to discuss your shared experiences, opportunities and ways to support international students on our campuses. If this piques your interest, you are invited to RSVP to this event, which will be held from 2-5 PM on 28 February.

Help from Peers

Dean of Students

We are entering a difficult and stressful time as many of you are facing mid-term exams or tests, or perhaps have started on term projects or written assignments. Many of you may be aware of University resources for mental health support, or the great workshops available to help with your studying strategies and skills, and I know tutorial services can be a big help to many. I also want to highlight a couple of other resources which are about peer support – sometimes it is easier and better to get support from other students, especially when you might just need someone to talk to. In particular, the Peer Support Centre is worth a look – they offer confidential, non-judgemental support and listen to whatever you might be facing: they are open from 9 AM-7 PM Monday to Friday. After hours, you can get call the McGill Students’ Nightline, at 514-398-6246, and they too will listen (and refer you to other services as appropriate). While these services don’t replace professional services, they are an incredibly valuable and important resource for students. Study hard; stay well.

Do you have a great academic advisor?

Dean of Students

For many students, Academic Advisors are essential to success, whether navigating an academic program, asking questions about how to defer an exam, or perhaps just seeking some general advice.  I’m pleased to announce that nominations are open for those of you who wish to nominate your advisor for the Dean of Students Award for Excellence in Academic Advising, which recognizes “..the integral and valuable contribution that academic advising makes to undergraduate student life at McGill”.   It’s the third year that our office has offered this recognition, and it’s one small way to highlight how much we value the advising community. If you wish to nominate your advisor, the form is found here, or you can deanofstudents [at] mcgill.ca (email us) for details (the deadline for nominations is 5 March). Study hard, stay well, and thank your advisor!

Take the #SelfCareChallenge

Dean of Students

Spin bikes between lectures, grabbing a healthy snack or getting out for a walk: self care involves different things for different people, but fundamentally it’s about taking some time to look after yourself. I’m pleased to promote Healthy McGill’s upcoming Self Care Challenge - this program, organized by Student Services, is a fun way to share (over social media using #selfcarechallenge) your own activities during the next couple of weeks, and in this way promotes healthy lifestyle choices. These small activities don’t replace getting professional help if that is needed, but they might help you feel a little less stress with exams and tests on the horizon, and our long winter still gripping our campuses. Study hard, stay well, and take the self care challenge.

"Hey Prof Dude"

Dean of Students

One of the most interesting emails I received from a student started with “Hey Prof Dude”. I wasn’t exactly sure what to make if it, but I also recognize that it can sometimes be hard to know exactly how to start an email when you write to your instructor (Dr? Prof.? Professor?). If you struggle with this, Teaching & Learning Services has put together a fun little video with some important tips when writing emails to your instructors (spoiler: “Hey Prof Dude” may not be best choice...). Study hard, stay well, and write right. 

Skills21 winter registration now open!

Teaching and Learning Services

TLS is proud to report that last semester, over 500 undergraduate students invested in their future by signing up for McGill’s innovative new skills development program, SKILLS21! SKILLS21 is a flexible and customizable program that provides more than 50 workshops, each specially-selected to align with the program’s five streams. (Last semester, a few keen students completed entire streams!) Ultimately, SKILLS21 empowers students to develop the essential skills needed for academic, career, and personal success. Participation and completion in SKILLS21 workshops is recorded and tracked on the students’ Co-Curricular Record (CCR), which is managed through myInvolvement. Students can use this helpful document as a companion to their academic transcript and resume.

This semester, we hope even more students of all disciplines will sign up to discover the value of SKILLS21!

SKILLS21 registration for the winter semester is open from January 8 through 30.

If you have questions, would like more information, or would like to learn how you can contribute to SKILLS21, please visit our website and feel free to contact the SKILLS21 team at skills21 [at] mcgill.ca


Get in the volunteering zone!

Dean of Students

McGill offers great academic programs, but also amazing opportunities for volunteering and experiences outside the classroom. Let me highlight a few things that may be of interest as you plan your winter semester. I’m a huge fan of “Homework Zone”, run out of SEDE. This program is an after-school mentoring program with local elementary schools. Also under SEDE is “Alternative Spring Break” – if you’ll be around during reading week, please consider volunteering in the community.  There are also ways to get involved in peer program opportunities here at McGill – things like volunteering with Nightline, or perhaps within your Faculty (here’s an example from Engineering). Career Planning Service has a webpage with a great overview of what it means to volunteer, and offers links to McGill and non-McGill opportunities. SSMU also offers a volunteer service. If you have a bit of time, get out of your comfort zone, and consider giving back –this can be a life-changing experience for many. Study hard; stay well.


McGill's Official eTranscript in PDF format

Enrolment Services

Enrolment Services is pleased to announce a new online service, Request Electronic Official Transcripts (eTranscripts). As of December 7th, 2017, McGill students and alumni can log in to Minerva to request electronic official transcripts in PDF format to send to other educational institutions, employers or any third party. Over 300 eTranscripts were requested by students and alumni in the first week alone.

McGill has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), a US based non-profit organization and leading provider of trusted, educational data exchange & verification services, to enable our institution to securely send official transcripts electronically via two delivery options: 

  • ETX (Electronic Transcript Exchange) - student selects a school from a list of NSC’s registered and verified ETX receiving partners
  • Certified PDF via email – it is the student’s responsibility to provide a valid email address for each recipient and to ensure that the recipient accepts electronic official transcripts

For both delivery options students can attach up to 3 supporting documents in PDF format to be sent along with their eTranscript.

McGill’s electronic PDF transcripts received by email are only considered official when they are sent directly by the National Student Clearinghouse, and not by the student. The eTranscript is a certified PDF containing a digital signature that can be instantly validated and when valid displays a blue ribbon on the notification bar across the top of the Adobe Reader.

Benefits to students and alumni include:

  • 24/7 online transcript ordering and tracking
  • Same-day secure electronic transcript delivery (typically within an hour providing there no attachments to review) 
  • Immediate, secure electronic official transcript delivery worldwide
  • Automatic order updates via email
  • Online order tracking

McGill eTranscripts improve customer service, sustainability, costs and authenticity by:

  • Providing an online self-service solution for secure and timely exchange of documents
  • Streamlining the process for McGill staff to send documents electronically
  • Reducing the average processing time for sending official transcripts
  • Extending availability for delivery of official documents (24/7 service)
  • Reducing the number of paper transcripts sent to recipients
  • Reducing printing and mailing costs
  • Reducing the risk of document falsification
  • Allowing students to share their authentic educational data with whomever they want

A per transcript vendor fee in U.S. dollars is applicable for this service.

Questions? Find out more about our new eTranscript at: http://www.mcgill.ca/students/records/transcripts