The Dean of Students Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising




About the Dean’s Award

The Dean of Students Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising was established in collaboration with the ESAAC Subcommittee on Undergraduate Student Advising (SUSA) in January 2015. The award aims to recognize the integral and valuable contribution that academic advising makes to undergraduate student life at McGill.

Advisors provide timely and accurate guidance to students, assisting them in making informed academic choices in light of their learning, career, and life goals. Advisors provide coherent information about University regulations and program requirements, and work, as appropriate, with other University services and resources.  Evidence of excellence in the role of undergraduate academic advisor may be demonstrated through specific examples of the nominee’s recent achievements in advising support to students, service to or involvement in the University and advising communities, and/or innovative approaches to the role of academic advisor.


  • All job categories are eligible.
  • For the purposes of this award, the definition of undergraduate academic advisor is broad and inclusive.  
  • Nominees should have a significant and recognized role in academic advising that guides students in the completion of their programs through to graduation and in which they are wholly accountable for the advice they dispense. 
  • Any academic or administrative staff member whose position includes a significant academic advising role in which they are authorized to deliver advising on academic issues to undergraduate students may be nominated for this award, regardless of whether the term “advisor” is in their official job title.  This includes, but is not limited to, Faculty advisors, Department or School advisors, program administrators and student affairs officers or coordinators, provided that one of their main roles is undergraduate academic advising.


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