Award Nominations 2021


Samuel Sewall – Faculty Lecturer/Director of Undergraduate Studies; Dept. of Chemistry

Nellie Voudouris- Faculty Adviser, ASAP Supervisor; Faculty of Arts

Congratulations Samuel and Nellie! Please join us in congratulating all of this year's nominees for the Dean of Students Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising!


Nada Abu-Merhy
Student Advisor; Faculty of Education

Ryan Bouma
Student Advisor; Faculty of Science

Giosina Rota
Student Advisor; Faculty of Law

Rolando Del Maestro

Professor Emeritus, Director Neurosurgery Sim. Res. Centre, Brain Tumor Research Centre

Vanessa Hansen

Advisor; Faculty of Science

Wendy Somerville

Coordinator; Faculty of Dentistry

Brandy Jugandi

Career Advisor; Faculty of Arts

Curtis Sharman

Student Advisor; Faculty of Science

Lisa Stanischewski

Student Advisor, Institute for the Study of International Development

Paul Olioff

Student Advisor; Faculty of Science

Rhonda Turner

Financial Aid Counselor, Student Services

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