What is the process to determine what I need to pay, how to pay, and how to get a receipt of payment for application of my study permit through the Student Direct Stream (SDS)?

You can find this information on our Tuition and fees tables and rates. This site has the information for undergraduate and graduate students alike. Go to the appropriate section for you and open the PDF document found there.

Once you have the estimate of the total amount of tuition, fees, and health and dental insurances, you can pay this amount to McGill following the instructions below.

Per the Important Considerations on our Payments website, you can see that we accept for students to pay up to a year’s worth of tuition and fees in advance. Please read the Payments website so that you understand what you can and cannot send as payment to the University.

You can use Convera or CIBC International Student Pay to make the payment. Follow the steps on their sites, and you will be directed as to how to make the payment. The payment will take 5-6 business days to be received by the University.

Once the payment is received, you can print your Account Summary by Term in Minerva as a proof of payment for immigration.

If you end up not attending the University, or deferring your admission, you can request a refund of the funds sent. The refund can be requested through the Student Accounts menu in Minerva. If the original payment was sent through Convera, CIBC International Student Pay, or by wire, then the funds will be returned to the account that sent the payment; wire transfer costs will be deducted from your credit balance.


What tuition rate will I be charged?

You will be charged Canadian tuition fees if you meet one of the below criteria:

- You are a Canadian citizen, living in or outside of Canada
- You are a Permanent Resident of Canada

You will be charged Quebec tuition fees if you meet one of the below criteria:

- You are a Quebec resident and meet all the criteria of one of the 14 situations outlined by the Quebec Government. For more information please see: Quebec residents

You will be charged International tuition fees if:

- You are a student in Canada studying on a study permit
- You are an International student studying on a study permit

There are nine categories for International students wishing to qualify for a fee exemption. Further information about International Fee Exemptions can be found at: International Fee Exemptions

All students are charged the same fees for all other university expenses such as living expenses, books, printing on campus and supplies. Depending on the program and residence options that you choose, the costs will vary. .

My status changed from International to Permanent Resident, can my tuition and fees be amended, can I request a refund?

Once your legal status has been changed, the tuition amount will be adjusted accordingly. You can view the Account Summary by Term in Minerva for your most up-to-date balance. Your monthly e-bill won’t change as it is a static PDF file document. A refund request can be requested only if you have a credit balance on your student fee account. You may decide to leave the credit on your account to be used towards a subsequent term.

Can I request a deferral for tuition and fees?

As an international student, you may defer 50% of your total balance for one month: in the Fall term until the end of September, in the Winter term until the end of January and in the Summer term until the end of May. Please see the instructions on our web-page: Fee deferral

I have a credit on my account, how do I obtain a refund to my bank account?

You may request a refund if you have a credit balance over $2 or you may leave the funds on your account for a future term at which point they will be automatically applied against any new charges. There is no cost to you if you request a Direct deposit to a Canadian bank account whereas refunds by cheque will result in a processing charge. More information on how to request a refund can be found at Requesting a refund.

Can I pay my fees in installments?

McGill does not currently have an instalment plan. Tuition and fees are billed on a term by term basis and they are usually due at the end of the month in which we bill. If you cannot pay all at once, then pay what you can in order to reduce your overall balance, and thereby reduce the interest charges. In addition this shows us that you are making an effort to pay off the balance owing.

Do I have to pay for International Health Insurance?

The International Health Insurance is mandatory for all International students with very few exceptions. Exemption categories and procedures can be found on International Student Services insurance site.

I’m an exchange student, how do I pay my International Health Insurance fee?

The acceptable payment methods are listed on the Student Accounts website at Making a payment.

When is the student billed for the academic year?

Tuition and fees are billed at the beginning of the month prior to the start of a term: Fall term tuition and fees are billed in early August, and due at the end of August; Winter term tuition and fees are billed in early December, due in early January. Housing rent is billed on a monthly basis, and mandatory meal plans are charged half in September and half in January. E-bills are generated on a monthly basis so any new transactions will be shown on a subsequent bill. The entire balance is due by the due date on the e-bill.

What are the payment deadlines?

Dates are listed on the Important Dates for Students and Student Accounts websites.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The acceptable payment methods are listed on the Student Accounts website at Making a payment.

Can my parents or someone else I designate have access to my billing information?

Yes. See Guest Access for more information.

Am I entitled to student aid?

Most international students are not eligible for government assistance and are therefore responsible for securing the necessary funding to cover the cost of study through parents, relatives, savings, etc. If you are experiencing delays in your funding to pay your fees, you may apply for a deferral of 50% of tuition and fees using the ‘Defer Payment of Tuition and Fees’ option through the Financial Aid & Awards Menu on Minerva. Click here for detailed information about Tuition & Fee Deferrals .

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