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ProfessorMorton Weinfeld

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Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

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Office Hours: Winter 2022
Wednesdays 14:00 - 15:30

Research Areas

Ethnic and race relations; immigration; public policy analysis; survey research and data analysis; Canadian society; sociology of Jews; Canadian Jewish studies; sociology of education



(PhD, Harvard University, 1977; EdM, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1973; BA, McGill University, 1970). Professor, at McGill since 1977.

Professor Weinfeld is the winner of the 2013 Marshall Sklare Prize for outstanding career  contributions to the field by the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry. Among his recent publications are an edited collection The Jews in Canada, with Robert Brym and William Shaffir, 2nd edition, (Oxford, 2010); Like Everyone Else But Different: The paradoxical success of Canadian Jews (McClelland and Stewart, 2001) which was featured in One Hundred Great Jewish Books, by Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman (Blue Bridge, 2011), Still Moving: Recent Jewish Migration in Comparative Perspective, with Daniel Elazar (Transaction, 2000); Ethnicity, Politics, and Public Policy, with Harold Troper (University of Toronto Press, 1999), and Who Speaks for Canada? with Desmond Morton (McClelland and Stewart, 1998). He has published Old Wounds: Jews, Ukrainians and the Hunt for Nazi War Criminals in Canada (with Harold Troper), Viking/Penguin, 1988, a case study of ethnicity and public policy. In 1989 he published Trauma and Rebirth: Intergenerational Effects of the Holocaust (with John J. Sigal), Praeger, 1989. He wrote The Social Costs of Discrimination in Canada, a research report for the (Abella) Royal Commission on Equality in Employment, 1983.

Current research and thesis supervision interests are in areas of ethnicity and public policy, notably the role of minority-origin professionals in various policy domains. Professor Weinfeld has taught undergraduate courses on the sociology of ethnic relations, Jews in North America, an undergraduate seminar in Canadian ethnic studies and graduate seminars on the sociology of ethnic conflict, and social inequality and public policy.


Selected Publications


Weinfeld, M. with R.F. Schnoor and M. Shames. 2018. Like Everyone Else but Different: The Paradoxical Success of Canadian Jews. Second edition, revised and updated, McGill- Queen’s University Press.

Weinfeld, M. 2010. The Jews in Canada. 2nd Edition. With R. Brym and W. Shaffir, Oxford University Press.

Weinfeld, M. 2001. Like Everyone Else but Different: The Paradoxical Success of Canadian Jews, First edition. Toronto, McClelland and Stewart.
Included as one of One Hundred Great Jewish Books: Three Millennia of Jewish Conversation by Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman, Bluebridge, 2011.
Winner of J.I. Segal Award, 2002; Canadian Jewish Book Award, 2002; the Lockshin-Frances and Samuel Stein Memorial Prize for Scholarship on a Canadian Jewish Theme, 2002; nominated for a Quebec Writer’s Federation Award, 2002.

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Articles and Reviews

Weinfeld, M. “Between Suspect Minorities and Reasonable Accommodation in Canada.” Canadian Ethnic Studies. Forthcoming.

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Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:
SOCI 327 Jews in North America
SOCI 375 Suspect Minorities in Canada
SOCI 475 Canadian Ethnic Studies Seminar

Graduate Seminar:
SOCI 512 Ethnicity and Public Policy


Students Supervised

Title: Negotiating "Nous" Competing Host National Identities among Second Generation Immigrants in Quebec
Student: Leslie Cheung
Year: 2015
Degree: PhD

Title: Caught Between the "Bleeding Homeland" and the "Safe Heaven": Negotiating Loyalties in Times of Conflict
Student: Kalyani Thurairajah
Year: 2013
Degree: PhD

Title: Gay Jews in Toronto
Student: Randal Schnoor
Year: 2003
Degree: PhD

Title: Cultural sensitivity in the context of ethnic politics: a comparison of two family service agencies
Student: Ho Hon Leung
Year: 2001
Degree: PhD

Title: The Genesis of an Ethnic Community: The Case of the Kurds in Canada
Student: Josie Sciortino
Year: 2000
Degree: MA


Research Grant

Annual research stipend as Chair in Canadian Ethnic Studies.

Prof. Weinfeld has been involved as a co-investigator with Laurence Kirmayer (as the PI) and Alan Young in Anthropology (as co-investigator) for a FRSQ (Fonds de Recherche en Sante du Quebec) Grant, Équipe Prioritaire, Culture et Sante mentale.


Other Professional Activities

1991- present Member Advisory Council, Multicultural History Society of Ontario Encyclopedia Project
1985- present Member of National Board of Canadian Ethnic Studies Association
2020- Appointed as Chair of the Statistics Canada Expert Canada Advisory committee on Immigration and Ethno-cultural Statistics

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