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Canada Research Chair in International Migration
Thomas Soehl

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Research Areas

International Migration, Comparative Race and Ethnicity, Political Attachments of Migrants, Cross-Border Connections, Intergenerational Processes in Migrant Families



PhD in Sociology from the University of California Los Angeles 2014.

Two main themes guide my research: one is the importance of family ties for migrants and the inter-generational transmission of culture, socio-economic characteristics and political attachments in migrant families. A second theme is the political transition that international migration involves, and the multiple and shifting socio-political attachments of migrants. In addition to the literature on immigrant socioeconomic and political incorporation, and migrant transnationalism, my work contributes to research on political socialization, the sociology of the family, the comparative study of ethnicity and race, and the political reproduction of nation-states. I heavily rely on quantitative methods such as multilevel modeling, event-history analysis, item-response theory, structural equation models and Bayesian approaches to statistical inference.
Before embarking on an academic career I worked for three years for the New York City Council as a policy analyst and earned degrees from the University of Kassel (Urban Planning), the Graduate Center at CUNY (MA Political Science) and the Harvard Kennedy School (Public Administration).




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Articles and Chapters:

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* Winner of the 2013 Reuben Hill Award for Outstanding Paper - National Council on Family Relations

Soehl, Thomas, Rosita Fibbi and Constanza Larrucea. (2012). “Immigrants' daughters and the labor market.” in The Changing Face of World Cities: The second generation in Europe and the United States, edited by John Mollenkopf and Maurice Crul. New York, Russell Sage Foundation.

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Media Citation:

"Immigrants will be vital to the future of American Democracy." The Nation, November 20, 2018.


Courses Taught

SOCI 212 International Migration

SOCI 333 Social Stratification

SOCI 400 Comparative Migration and Citizenship

SOCI 504 Quantitative Methods 1

SOCI 520 Migration and Immigrant Groups


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