A headshot of Dr. OttoBrauner-Otto, Sarah
Associate Professor & Director of the Centre on Population Dynamics

Research Areas: Demography, family sociology, fertility, macro-micro linkages, environmental sociology

Brocic, Milos
Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Political Sociology, Culture, Sociological Theory

Carmichael, JasonCarmichael, Jason 
Associate Professor & Department Chair

Research Areas: Criminology, criminal justice, social control, punishment, social movements, political sociology and the sociology of law.

Clark, ShelleyClark, Shelley
James McGill Professor of Sociology

Research Areas: Social demography; family dynamics; rural and urban inequalities; child wellbeing; adolescent transitions; and life course methods

Das, Aniruddha (Bobby)Das, Aniruddha (Bobby)
Associate Professor

Research Areas: Medical sociology, aging and life course, biodemography, gender and sex, quantitative methods, social networks, Natural Language Processing.

Alexis DennisDennis, Alexis
Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Population Health, Medical Sociology, Mental Health, Race and Racism, Life Course

Eidlin, BarryEidlin, Barry
Associate Professor

Research Areas: Political sociology, economic sociology, organizations and institutions, comparative historical sociology, inequality and social policy, social theory, logic of inquiry, work, labor, social movements.

Elrick, JenniferElrick, Jennifer (on leave)
Associate Professor & Chair in Multiculturalism

Research Areas: Migration governance, diversity, and social stratification; immigration policymaking and implementation; social construction of legal and administrative categories (e.g., in censuses and immigration law); citizenship; multiculturalism; political communication (deliberation).

Lange, MatthewLange, Matthew

Research Areas: Development, political sociology, comparative-historical sociology, and ethnicity

McMahan, PeterMcMahan, Peter
Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Group dynamics; social hierarchy; culture knowledge, social networks; quantitative methods; computational methods; text and language analysis.

Pike, Isabel
Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Gender; Development; Demography; Culture; Family; Life Course

Quesnel-Vallée, AmélieQuesnel-Vallée, Amélie
Professor & Canada Research Chair, Policies and Health Inequalities; Joint with Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health

Research Areas: Social demography, quantitative methods, medical sociology

Shor, EranShor, Eran (on leave)
Professor & William Dawson Scholar

Research Areas: Political conflict and human rights; terrorism and counterterrorism; the sociology of health; ethnicity and nationalism; determinants of sexual attraction; media coverage of women and ethnic minorities; meta-analysis and meta-regression methods.

Smith, MichaelSmith, Michael (on leave)

Research Areas: Social organization, economy and society, industrial sociology

Thomas SoehlSoehl, Thomas 
Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair in International Migration

Research Areas: International migration, Comparative Race and ethnicity, political attachments of migrants, cross-border connections, intergenerational processes in migrant families

van den Berg, Axelvan den Berg, Axel

Research Areas: Theory, political sociology, work and labor markets

Vang, ZouaVang, Zoua (On leave, 2023-2024)
Associate Professor & William Dawson Scholar

Research Areas: Immigration (health, social integration), racial/ethnic health disparities, maternal child health, and racism & discrimination

Weiner, Elaine
Associate Professor

Research Areas: Gender, work, citizenship and political economy, family, sociology theory, qualitative methods, Central and East European societies.

Weinfeld, MortonWeinfeld, Morton
Professor & Director of Canadian Ethnic Studies

Research Areas: Race/ethnic/minority relations, education, immigration/multiculturalism


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