Milos Brocic

Assistant Professor

Stephen Leacock Building, Room 735
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7
E-mail: milos.brocic [at]
Telephone: 514-396-2125
Office: 735 Leacock


Research Areas

Political Sociology, Culture, Sociological Theory



PhD University of Toronto, 2023

Miloš Broćić is a sociologist whose research broadly investigates the moral dimensions of political conflict in post-industrial societies. He is particularly interested in unpacking the micro foundations of political polarization by examining the formation of moral orientations that underlie it. Broćić addresses this topic in different ways, focusing primarily on developmental processes during the transition from late adolescence into early adulthood. One project examines moral socialization in higher education with an eye to its relation to ‘culture war’ conflict. Another project explores the role of alienation as a catalyst for participation in social movements. In this work and elsewhere, Broćić re-evaluates classic sociological topics with modern techniques of data analysis, engaging timely issues with a perspective both old and new. This builds on a general interest in charting sociology’s intellectual movements which comes to a head in his work documenting the evolving legacy of Georg Simmel.


Selected Publications

Broćić, Miloš. 2023. “Alienation and Activism.” American Journal of Sociology 128(5):1291–1334.

Broćić, Miloš, and Andrew Miles. 2021. “College and the ‘Culture War’: Assessing Higher Education’s Influence on Moral Attitudes.” American Sociological Review 86(5):856–95.

Broćić, Miloš, and Daniel Silver. 2021. “The Influence of Simmel on American Sociology Since 1975.” Annual Review of Sociology 47(1):87–108.



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