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Email Address: emma.brion [at]
Program: MA
Previous Degree: BA Sociology with minor in political science, McGill
Research interests: Family sociology, Kinship, Non-monogamy, Polyamory, Normativity, Queer studies, Gender, Sexuality


A portrait of a person with medium-length, dark-red dyed hair standing against a beige wall.

Emma Brion

Email Address: calla.brugmans [at]
Program: MA
Previous Degree: BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice, Carleton University
Research Interests: Criminology, criminal justice, social control

Calla Brugmans

Email Address: yuhou.chen [at]
Program: MA thesis
Previous Degree: BA Communication, Sun Yat-sen University
Research interests: social status; attitudes on health and environment issues; knowledge; media frame; quantitative methods

Yuhou Chen

Email Address: Nicolas.Diazdeleon [at]
Program: MA (Thesis) - Sociology of Medicine
Previous Degree: BA Neuroscience with minor in philosophy

Nicolas Diaz de Leon
Nicolas Diaz de Leon
Email: yu.z.hou [at]
Program: MA
Yuzhu Hou

Email Address: [at]
Program: MA
Previous Degree: BA Sociology, Minor in Law and Society, Concordia University
Research Interests: criminal justice, sentencing, judicial discretion, domestic violence, intimate partner homicide, legal systems, comparative criminology

Yunpeng Lu (she/her)

Email Address: [at]
Program: MA(thesis)
Previous Degree: LL.B Sociology, Guangzhou University
Research interests: Medical Sociology; Abnormal Psychology; Computational sociology; Quantitative Methods

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Zekai Lu

Zekai Lu

alexander.pinter [at]
Program: MA

Alex Pinter (he/him)
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