Shari Brotman, Associate Professor

Dr. Shari Brotman is Associate Professor at the McGill School of Social Work. She received her doctorate from the University of Toronto in 2000. Shari has worked extensively, as an educator, researcher and practitioner in the fields of gerontology and anti-oppression social work practice. Her scholarly activities center on questions of access and equity in the design and delivery of health and social care services to older adults from marginalized communities (LGBTQ and immigrant), and their caregivers. Her work incorporates an intersectional lens exploring multiple identity and interlocking oppressions as lived by people and communities. She undertakes qualitative, community and arts-based research.  Shari  teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Anti-Oppression Practice, Qualitative Research Methods and Social Gerontology. 


Ph.D. (University of Toronto) 2000

MSW (McGill University) 1991

BSW (McGill University) 1988


2005-present Associate Professor

McGill University, Faculty of Arts, School of Social Work

1999 Assistant Professor

McGill University, Faculty of Arts, School of Social Work

1993-1995 McGill Consortium for Ethnicity and Strategic Social Planning

McGill University

1991-1993 Social Worker

Jewish Support Services for the Elderly


Areas of interest

  • Gerontological social work theory, policy and practice (access to care; care giving; gender, race, class, sexual orientation and disability issues in aging)
  • Anti-oppression social work theory and practice

Recent grants


Regards sur la vieillesse et le vieillissement: De l'expérience singulière aux enjeux collectifs, (FQRSC- Soutien aux infrastructures de recherche des Instituts et des Centres affiliés universitaires du secteur social)

$866, 957


Principal Investigator: Marier, P., (PI) Brotman, S., Carbonneau, H., Hebblethwaite S., Laforest, S., Leibing, A., Sawchuck, K., Sussman, T., Séguin, A-M., Therriault, P-Y.s Aubin, G., Bourgeois-Guérin, V., Raymond, É., Wallach, I., Durivage, P., Gilbert, N., Israel, S., Orzeck, P., Parisien, M., Regenstreif, A., Couture, M., Van Pevenage, I., Barylak, L., Charette, J., Cox, N., Dulka, I., Dupont, S., Freitas, Z., Montpetit, C., Starnino, C., Touchette, C., Zacchia, L., Nour, K.


L’inclusion sociale des personnes âgées. Enjeux de reconnaissance et de redistribution. Équipe de recherche en partenariat VIES (Vieillissements, exclusions sociales et solidarités) (FRSQ- Soutien aux équipes de recherche)

$480, 454


Principal Investigator: Séguin, A-M. (PI) , Apparicio, P., Brotman, S., Dallaire, B., Marier P., Negron Poblete, P., Sussman, T., Wallach, I., Van Pevenage, I., Bouchard, C., Dupuis, M-J., Parisien, M.,  Regenstreif, A.


Developing a program of research to identify and address the health and health service needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults who reside in long-term care homes (CIHR).



Principal Investigator: Tamara Sussman; Co-Investigators: Shari Brotman, Line Chamberland, Andrea Daley, Jean Dumas, Judy McDonnell, Heather MacIntosh, Bill Ryan


Exploring and enhancing access to in-home health services for LGBT communities (CIHR).



Principal Investigators: Andrea Daley and Judith MacDonald; Co-Investigators: Shari Brotman, Jane Aronson, Tim Poley, Teresa Knott, Loralee Gillis


Vieillissements, exclusions sociales et solidarités (FQRSC Equipe)



Principal Investigator: Charpentier, M.; Co-Investigators: Barylak, L., Brotman, S., Brown, B., Carpentier, N., Charles, A., Cytrynbaum, F., Dallaire, B., Durivage, P, Freitas, Z, Gilbert, N., Hockenstein, E., Israel, S., Grenier, A., Guberman, N., Lavoie, JP, Leibing, A., Lithwick, M., Moscovi, N., Olazabal, I., Regenstreif, A., Sevigny, A., Silverman, M., Thomas, D., Sussman, T.


Critical Gerontology- International Opportunities (SSHRC).



Principal Investigator: Amanda Grenier; Co Investigators: C. Phillipson, T.S. Scharf, M. Bernard, S. Brotman, T. Sussman, M. Charpentier, M. Mcmullin, S. Katz, A. Dumas, A. Andrews, S. Biggs


Vulnerability and Resilience Among Sexual Minorities in Canada (CIHR).


Principal Investigator: Julien, D., Jevy, J. J., Ryan, B. ; Co-Investigators: Brotman S., Chamberland, L., Dorais, M., Frank, B., Hastings, P., Leobon, A., Peterkin, A., Tremblay, N., Ristock, J.


Vulnerabilité et résilience chez les minorities sexuelles au Québec (FQRSC)


Principal Investigator: Julien, D. Co-Investigators: Brotman S., Chamberland, L., Dorais, M., Frank, B., Hastings, P., Leobon, A., Levy, J., Peterkin, A., Tremblay, N., Ristock, J., Ryan, B.


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