Ad Hoc Committee on the Recording and Transmission of Senate Meetings

Terms of Reference

The Ad Hoc Committee on the Recording and Transmission of Senate Meetings is an ad hoc committee of Senate charged with exploring options and advising Senate with respect to the recording and transmission of Senate meetings.

The Committee shall report to Senate taking into account:

  1. perceived and established interests of the McGill community in virtual access to Senate deliberations (in open session);
  2. technical options that are available, including various methods of recording, transmitting, and preserving the recording of Senate meetings;
  3. options that are available for editing, including the option to select the parts of Senate meetings that would be recorded and/or transmitted;
  4. recording and transmission practices and procedures in comparable bodies;
  5. potential impacts on individual Senators and the overall conduct of discussion and debate at Senate meetings; and
  6. potential costs incurred in the recording and transmission of Senate meetings and how these costs should be covered.

The Committee shall:

  1. consult with Senators and members of the McGill community as it considers appropriate;
  2. report to Senate, in writing, with any recommendations related to recording and/or transmitting Senate meetings; and
  3. submit a report to the Steering Committee and to Senate when its work is complete.


The Principal (or delegate), Chair: Chandra Madramootoo

Two Student Members of Senate:
    Alex Pritz (MCSS)
    Lily Han (PGSS)

Three non-student Elected Members of Senate:
    Mark Michaud (Administrative and Support Staff)
    Professor David Lowther (Faculty of Engineering)
    Professor Christina Wolfson (Faculty of Medicine)
Two Technical Advisors:

      One representative from the Faculty of Law, on the recommendation of the Dean of Law:
         Professor Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse
      One representative from Network and Communications Services, on the recommendation of the
      Director of Network and Communication Services:
         Jean-Guy Tremblay

Secretary: Stephen Strople, Secretary-General

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