Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Charter of Students' Rights

Terms of Reference

The Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Charter of Students’ Rights is a special purpose committee of Senate with a mandate to review and possibly recommend amendments to the Charter of Students’ Rights.

The Committee will:

  1. undertake a review of the Charter of Students’ Rights;
  2. consult with Senators and members of the McGill community as it considers appropriate;
  3. provide an interim report, in writing, to Senate by May 2014;
  4. at the conclusion of its review, report to Senate, in writing, including any recommended changes to the Charter of Students’ Rights.


Chair: Dean of Students: Professor Christopher Buddle  

Five representatives appointed by Senate (but not necessarily Senators), as follows:

    One member of the academic staff:Professor Rosalie Jukier (LAW) 

    One member of the administrative and support staff: Ms. Rosemary Cooke (Group 2)

    Two students (one graduate, one undergraduate)
         Nicholas Dunn
         Erin Sobat

One person appointed by the Board of Governors: Ms. Morna Flood-Consedine

Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Policies): Professor Angela Campbell

Source: Senate Minute IIB5, November 20, 2013


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