Ad Hoc Committee on the Enhancement of Senate Meetings


The Ad Hoc Committee for the Renewal of Senate Meetings is a special purpose committee of Senate with a mandate to review current practices for the conduct of Senate meetings and identify ways to increase engagement of Senators and to enhance discussion/debate at Senate meetings. 

Keeping in mind Senate’s statutory roles, the Committee will:
1. consider strategies and mechanisms to foster the exchange of ideas, enhance discussion and increase engagement at Senate meetings; such strategies and mechanisms will take into account the suggestions made at the October 16, 2013 open discussion, and include:
   a. potential changes to the order of Senate agendas;
   b. review of the items of Senate’s business included in the annual Calendar of Business;
   c. appropriate guidelines for presentations to Senate (including both information and approval items);
   d. provisions to allow for regular opportunities for open discussion or debate at Senate meetings;
   e. potential ways to better integrate and communicate the work of Committees with Senate;
   f. additional opportunities for input from individual Senators on planning agendas and preparations for meetings, and for providing comment and feedback on Senate meetings and Senate processes;
   g. possible changes/additions to the Senate orientation program;
   h. a possible alternate location for Senate meetings; 
2. consult with Senators and members of the McGill community as it considers appropriate;
3. at the conclusion of its review, reports to Senate by March 2014, in writing, including any recommendations on next steps and actions concerning Senate meetings.
Chair (An academic member of the Steering Committee)
Professor Christina Wolfson (Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, MEDICINE)
Six representatives appointed by Senate (all of whom should have recent experience as Senators), as follows:  
   Two members of the academic staff (preferably with experience on Senate Committees)
   Professor Nancy Heath (Educational and Counselling Psychology, EDUCATION)
   Professor Tim Moore (Geography, SCIENCE) 
   One member of the administrative and support staff
   Ms. Honora Shaughnessy (Group 3)
   One ex officio member of Senate (preferably with experience on Senate Committees)
   Professor Ellen Aitken (Dean of the Faculty of RELIGIOUS STUDIES) 
   Two students (one graduate, one undergraduate)
   Mr. Avik Ghoshdastidar (PGSS)
   Mr. Guillaume Blais (SSSMU)
The Secretariat will provide administrative support to the Committee
Source: Senate Minute IIB5, November 20, 2013
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