Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Composition of Senate

Terms of Reference

The Ad Hoc Committee on the Composition of Senate is a special purpose committee of Senate charged with reviewing the current composition of Senate and possibly recommending changes that would require revisions of section 6.1 of the Statutes.

Keeping in mind Senate’s statutory roles, the Committee shall:

1. undertake a review of the composition of Senate taking into account, but not limited to, the following considerations:

a. changes in the make-up and size of the University constituencies represented on Senate;

b. preserving the traditional majority of elected academic and librarian staff on Senate;

c. eligibility conditions and qualifications for appointment or election to Senate;

2. consider the appropriate composition of Senate including, but not limited to:

a.the total number of Senators;

b. the proportion and number of Senators from various constituencies;

c. the distribution of elected academic Senators among faculties;

d. the distribution of student members among the four recognized student societies;

e. the ex-officio members of Senate.

3. consult with Senators and members of the McGill community as it considers appropriate; to Senate, in writing, with any recommended changes to Senate’s composition in fall, 2013.



Professor Anthony C. Masi, Chair

Four representatives of Senate, who have served as Senators, selected on the recommendation the Nominating Committee as follows:

Two members of the academic staff: Professor Philip Oxhorn (Arts) 
                                                   Professor Edith Zorychta (Medicine)
One member of the administrative and support staff: Ms Mary Jo McCullogh (Student Accounts)
One student: Mr. Adam Bouchard (PGSS)
One representative appointed by the Board of Governors: Cynthia Price

Resource person: Secretary-General




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