Application Components

To be considered for admission to the MScA program, you must prepare and submit the following components via McGill’s online application system (Slate) by our application deadline. Further details on each component are provided below.


  • As per McGill University policy for graduate studies, you must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 during your undergraduate studies. If your academic record does not meet this minimum your file cannot be considered.
  • Complete the Graduate Admissions Online Application: Apply online. Please take the time to read the important Graduate Admissions Procedures before starting the form. Please also note that all applications for Fall 2023 and later will be prepared using McGill’s new application software Slate (replacing uApply). Some procedures and certain requirements may differ from applications in previous years. For more details, please consult our “Applying to McGill” instructional video
    •  In the Online Application, you will need to provide details (course name, number, semester, and number of credits) of each course completed or that will be completed to fulfill the program prerequisites. Note: please have this information ready before you begin the application process. This also includes the course outline(s) in statistics, which you will have to upload at the end of the Online Application (including for courses ‘in progress’).
  • Prepare and upload your CV (via the application checklist at the end of the Online Application)
  • Prepare and enter your brief response to our personal statement question in the Online Application: "Link how your experiences (e.g. academic, work, volunteer, experiences on your CV) contributed to the development of a skill set necessary to become a high calibre Speech-Language Pathologist?" You are allowed 600 words to respond to this question. Please prepare your response in advance using a word processor and then copy into text box.
  • * Register for and complete CASPer test. CASPer is an online test which assesses non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics that we believe are important for successful students and graduates of our program. Details available here. We will receive your CASPer test results directly from Altus, the company that administers the test.
  • Request the submission of two letters of reference. One letter should be completed by someone who can speak to your ACADEMIC background and preparation, the other is to be completed by someone who can speak about your PROFESSIONALISM and potential as a clinician (e.g., a job, volunteer, or community service supervisor). See here for information about what will be asked of the referees. Only two letters (one academic and one professional) will be considered, so choose referees who can best speak about each set of qualities. Discuss this decision with letter writers so they know which set of qualities to report on. You will be asked to provide names and email addresses of your referees in the online application. McGill will contact your referees by email and invite them to upload your reference.
  • Unofficial transcripts (from all universities attended). If you are admitted, you will be required to supply official transcripts before enrolling. Please note, we need all unofficial transcripts by the January 15th deadline. Please do NOT wait until you have grades posted for your current courses (those can be provided later). While completing the Online Application, you will be asked to calculate and enter the GPA for each institution.
  • Language proficiency in English and French (click this link for background information). As the main language of instruction is English, all applicants must provide comprehensive information about their current proficiency level in oral and written English (250-word statement and self-rating). International applicants to graduate-level programs at McGill who do not have English as a native language, and who have not completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution where English is the language of instruction, are required to submit documented proof of competency in oral and written English prior to admission. As a minimal level of proficiency for entry to our academic program, we expect test results that are equal to or higher than the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages level C1/Proficient User, Canadian language Benchmark of 8-9 (IELTS score of 6.5, TOEFL IBT score of 94, TOEFL ITP score of 587). Those applicants who would like to be considered for bilingual (English+French) practicum placements will be asked to provide comprehensive information about their current proficiency level in oral and written French as well.
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