S-LP Program Overview

The M.Sc.(A.) in Communication Sciences and Disorders-Speech Language Pathology focuses on training students to enter the field of Speech-Language Pathology using a curriculum guided by a competency-based framework, including academic and supervised clinical practicum components. This professional program is accredited by The Council for Accreditation of Canadian University Programs in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.


The mission of the M.Sc. A program is to provide high quality professional training in speech-language pathology to our students. We train competent clinicians to provide excellent evidence-informed care to people with communication and swallowing disorders. The Canadian National Speech-Language Pathology Competency Profile drives our curriculum design and choice of pedagogical processes to ensure that our students acquire competencies across the full range of roles and practice areas appropriate to the profession of speech-language pathology. Through our students, we have a broader impact, benefiting people with speech, language and swallowing disorders, their families and their communities.


Our students are trained in client-centered and evidence-based clinical practice for persons with speech, language and swallowing disorders. We hope to instill in our students dedication to self-reflection and life-long learning. By training high caliber Speech Language Pathologists we hope to enable more individual clients to reach their full communication potential, thereby realizing an essential human right. Our clinical training program strives to provide unique opportunities to integrate research and clinical practice in a multicultural and multilingual context that values diversity and the importance of providing the best possible clinical care to all, regardless of language or mode of communication.


All members of the SCSD, faculty, staff and students, are committed to excellence and professionalism. All that we do is guided by the following values in our interactions with each other and the public:




Respect and collaboration



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